Have you ever been so caught up in the busyness of life that you just wanted to escape? I believe anyone who has lived into their 30s and beyond would quickly answer YES to that one! This generation is so fast, and its not just a problem with the US. With internet access available throughout the world, and cellphone technology advancing by the year, the global community has become much faster. People throughout the world are caught up in careers, relationships, leisure, family, and social time and it seems with these facets of life taking up time, where is there time to truly escape? Nowadays especially I am noticing people are not even taking vacations anymore, either because of money, or they just choose not to. And how many go on vacation, and its not even a restful vacation?!?!? More work seems to go into enjoying the vacation, than actually enjoyment.

Another problem I’m seeing is the younger generation that is looking up to our generation is going into their college years believing that being busy is the way they are supposed to be, so they strive for it themselves! They’re filling their lives up with so many dreams and hopes and desires, but life is only supposed to go at a certain speed. Its not meant for the speed of our generation. Their are so many souls that lack a good relationship with their heavenly Father because the previous generation neglected to teach them the importance of knowing Him.

Its time to take a break! Relax a bit! Take a deep breath! There are a lot of solvable problems in our lives that seem unsolvable because we are going 110 mph. Relax! Take out your bible and turn to Psalm 7. Notice the first verse:

O Lord my God, in You I have taken refuge: save me…

David was a busy man! He was a man of war, a teacher, a worshipper of God, a husband, a father, and the King of Israel. I’m sure he wore a few other hats as well. When life becomes as busy as it did for David, you’ll find that you won’t have time to worry about many of the daily stresses in your life, and also you wont make everyone around you happy. David had his share of enemies in his life. The kind that would not just plot to kill him, but also try and follow through on it. David also knew his strength was limited. He knew if a number of people pursued him, he was as good as dead…UNLESS! Unless he got the Lord involved!

When David was a child, he was a shepherd. In those days of being a shepherd he developed a very close relationship with God. He was by himself with the sheep and he needed Someone to help him protect those sheep from enemies such as a bear, or lion. He knew he didn’t have the strength within himself to fight off such adversaries. So the Lord fought for him, and he knew it was the Lord! That is where David and God strengthened their bond. It would continue. Many of David’s psalms were cries for help from his enemies, and God would come through. It was their relationship that solidified David’s faith, and David’s faith caused God to do great things on his behalf!

Do you have enemies in your life? Do you have many stressful situations in your life? Take some time to be with God. Not just in a room by yourself time, but also bible time, church time, prayer time. Make time for Him and He will help you! Make Him your refuge, the place you run to when you need to just relax and take a break. He is waiting for you.



4 thoughts on “PSALM 7: MY REFUGE!

  1. Thanks for the follow my brother. Your article on Creation is awesome. Thank you for letting GOD use you my brother! Blessings, paul m.

    1. Thank you very much Paul! You are my first reblog!!! That’s exciting, lol! I am happy to know when people like my posts enough to reblog or even to press the like button. This is all for His glory and if anyone chooses to live their life in Christ after reading my blogs, that’s good for Him! God bless brother!

      1. Amen Brother! It is definitely a priveledge to share the Word of God with others in hope that they might be saved. That is the heart of God. We need to keep pressing forward to mark of the prize of our high calling in Christ Jesus as the scriptures encourage us to. Blessings, paul m.

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