The psalmist says,

“But the Lord abides forever.” Psalm 9: 7

This is as sure a statement you will ever hear. There is no could abide, should abide, or might abide forever. He does abide forever. According to my reference bible I use it could also be translated as, the Lord sits as King forever. There is no more of a sure thing in this life as the eternal existence of God. I’m not a betting man but if I was to place a bet on this point I would be taking people’s money as easy as taking candy from a baby.

“He has established His throne for judgment, 8 and He will judge the world in righteousness. He will execute judgment for the peoples with equity.”


The Lord is a fair and just God. We see a lot of injustice in the world in all nations in all generations. But there is a day appointed to all people where we will have to stand before God. If you have placed your faith in Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you will be spared the ultimate punishment of eternity away from God, which is an eternal existence in hell. God’s justice takes into account His grace and mercy which He shows us.

Have you ever been shown mercy by a judge before? Sometimes its so unexpected, but what do you do with that mercy? Do you go back out and do what brought you before the judge, or do you sober up immediately since you were given a new lease on life? If you are one who believes in Jesus Christ, and you have made Him Lord of your life, its time to sober up and live your life for Him. God is a just God and He judges in righteousness. Knowing this should cause all those who believe in Him to be sober minded, choosing to do whats right now instead of wrong.

“9 The Lord will also be a stronghold for the oppressed, a stronghold in times of trouble.”

Just a little note here: Those who make Jesus Christ their Lord are gonna need this promise. You will most likely feel oppression from someone or some people for living your life for Jesus. But the promise is that God will be a stronghold, a refuge, a mighty tower that you can run to and receive grace, mercy, refreshment, protection, whatever you need for the moment. Jesus does say He will never leave you nor forsake you. If you have taken on His work, He will reward you accordingly. But oppression is a guarantee for all those who choose to live a godly life.

“10 And those who know Your name will put their trust in You, for You, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek You.”

Do you know His name? Do you know Jesus? Put your trust in Him. He will come through. As you seek to know Him, as you read through His word, as you spend time in prayer and do His work, He will put you in situations where your trust in Him will be tested. Trust Him. There are numerous times, Old Testament and New Testament, where He has proven Himself. With such a great cloud of witnesses we should have a great confidence in Him. Become part of the cloud of witnesses by trusting in Him and watching Him come through for you. Then you can share your story with others and they can feed off of your trust in Him!

Remember, He does abide forever. His Word (the Bible) can be fully trusted, forever. His promises can be believed on, forever. Its a sure thing to believe in Him, forever. Place your life in His hands, forever. And be blessed, FOREVER!



One thought on “PSALM 9: ITS A SURE THING!

  1. God is the ONLY sure thing in life. And to ignore that fact, is to ignore your own chance for true happiness, wrapped in the love of The Lord. Thank you very much for following my blog.

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