Isaiah 50: 7 says, “For the Lord God helps Me, therefore, I am not disgraced. Therefore, I have set My face like flint, and I know that I will not be ashamed.”


This was Jesus speaking through the prophet Isaiah before He became human. It is one of the ways Christians can endure until the end as an effective Christian in these troubling days. The principle is to set your heart and mind on living out God’s will for your life no matter what kinds of adversity comes your way. As a matter of fact, its the kind of attitude that speaks directly at your adversity, whether it be physical affliction, persecution, mental or emotional issues, whatever the case, that you stand in the midst of it and triumphantly declare to that hardship that it will not stop you from doing the Lord’s work!

As Jesus made that assertion known, He made known another point, that He will not be ashamed! He knew He would not be ashamed. Here’s another way of saying it:


2 fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame…


That is found in Hebrews 12. Look at the principles found here. He set before Him the joy of the victory He would win (which is the redemption of many souls from hell into heaven) as long as He endured to the end. So who exactly was seeing Him as shameful? It was those who could benefit from His suffering, namely, you and I! Who exactly was seeing Him as shameful? It was the people who had no idea what He was doing. The people who could not see the outcome from where He was. They just saw Him as a humble man who healed many people, spoke strong words, had a different view of the ways of the world, and a very strict way of living. They could not see Him as saving them because their eyes were not in the right place. But He knew what was going on.

The same should be said of us, shouldn’t it? We know Jesus as the author and perfecter of our faith, right? We know His general will for our life, or we should anyways. If not, get into your bible, it is written there. And when we find out God’s will for our life we need to be like Him in every way possible. We need to set the joy before us of winning souls for Christ. Set the joy of populating heaven and depopulating hell before us. Set the joy of seeing people in the streets become healed in Jesus name before us. Set the joy of seeing blind eyes opened up before us! Set the joy of hearing Jesus say to us, “Well done My good and faithful servant”, before us!

This joy should help us to endure to the end any type of adversity that comes to us, shouldn’t it? Yes it should, and will! It worked for Jesus. He is our model and if we correctly follow Him we should end up with the same results. We may not have a bloody cross to endure. We may not have the beatings Jesus accepted to endure. But we all have a cross to bear and that statement is spoken by Christ Himself. We will have many types of adversity and afflictions to go through. It is how we relate to Jesus, through our hardships. So I believe if we want to get through them we really should copy the One who showed us how to get through them.

Setting the joy before us will help us endure, but also it will help us to eventually despise the shame. What a great attitude it would be if we could get up in the morning and say to it, “Whatever problems you bring to me today is nothing compared to the glory I will see in Christ, so bring it!” Imagine if we get to the point where we feel our day is incomplete unless we feel some type of discomfort for doing God’s work lol. That is called, DESPISING THE SHAME! Jesus made such a bold declaration that He set His face like a stone to do God’s will and He will NOT be ashamed! Imagine the confidence you would feel with such a perspective as this!

So, set the joy of doing God’s work before you, endure your cross, and despise the shame of your persecutors! And be blessed!!!


5 thoughts on “DESPISE THE SHAME!

  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you! You have no idea how you have helped me today! I was literally just crying and saying how ashamed and lost I have been feeling. Thank you very much I truly believe that God sent this to me to tell me to smarten up! I am glad He used you to provide this message I so desperately needed to hear! God bless you my new friend!

  2. U r so welcome my friend. This is why I write! To help others during the hard times so they can make it to the other side of their distress. I will keep u and ur situation in prayer. God bless!

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