Really media??? Really??? Must you bother our President, who is overseas expressing his condolences to the people of Malaysia for their latest tragedy, by asking him to comment on comments allegedly made by an owner of an NBA team that is currently undergoing an investigation? Must you intercept the goodwill he is extending amidst all the confusion that is still happening in that nation, to ask him to air out our dirty laundry? Do you not understand the process of an investigation? Do you not realize that the racist comments made by that person is affecting American culture? Why do you have to allow Malaysia to have to sit through this stuff? Both national leaders looked uncomfortable as this issue was being addressed! I am far from a racist. I don’t condone racism. I married out of my own race therefore I have a biracial child of my own, but I just think it was so irresponsible of our media to go running so fast to the President, as they did, just to hear him address this situation on someone else’s time. Let the investigation be finished and let him come home to deal with it. There is a time and a place for everything. Just sayin…


4 thoughts on “OUR MEDIA IS SO PATHETIC!

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