A Psalm A Day Keeps Anxiety Away

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Have you ever read through the psalms? It can seem like quite the emotional roller coaster!

Nowadays, with all the issues that are going on in life globally, locally, personally and professionally, it would really help to find a way to keep our emotions in check. That’s exactly what I find in the book of Psalms.

Sure, you might see it as a bunch of depressed, scared, psychotic at times, over-joyed individuals who are letting their emotions out to the Lord. But aside from all that, there is a calming, soothing and even stabilizing effect that the psalms have.

Many people have written poems, songs, essays, etc., but what sets these specific psalms apart from all other poetic literature, is the fact that those who put the word of God together, felt that these chapters belonged as well! These poems of great praise and adoration, of anger and humiliation, of…

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