7 thoughts on “Why Does God Allow Suffering?

    1. Thank you for returning the favor. I found your blog in the addiction section and that is a segment of wordpress i hope to attract to my page. I feel i have much to turn them on to. Thanks again and stop by anytime. God bless

  1. I like this because sometimes I ponder on why does God permit suffering? My religion background states God allows suffering so that He can show mankind that we are unable to govern ourselves.

  2. Hello Autumn. The whole concept of why God does allow suffering is interesting for sure. I find that its complicated just because throughout the Bible there are examples that will satisfy so many beliefs on the topic. I believe ultimately He allows it for different reasons depending on the person and circumstances. As a matter of fact I will be doing a blog post on it soon. Look out for it! Thank you for your comment. God bless

  3. Definitely I will be on the look out. I am into self healing through faith. In reference to James Chapter 1:1–7 it reads on to state how when you have faith, and there is no doubt you can make it through any various trials. I’ll make sure to look out for your next post to stay updated.

  4. As one who has been through 5 surgeries and 4 procedures and been diagnosed with fibromyalgia I’ve thought a lot about this. I had 6 members of my closest family die in less than 6 months. I know we live in a fallen world and much of our suffering comes from results of our own choices. As far as illnesses, and deaths, and things out of our control all I can speak of is what I know for sure about myself. I know that since I’ve been on my journey through sorrow, grief, and physical pain, Christ has waked every step of the way with me drawing me close like a hurting child. When I felt I could go no further He gave me the strength and comfort that only He can give. It’s indescribable. I started my blog because of my circumstances and I am blessed every day by my followers and every time I pick up my computer to write , He gives me words to share to lift up others that are hurting. I don’t believe he caused it but I believe He turned it around and used it to bring glory to His name and to draw others from darkness to light.

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